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The gallery is probably the most important space on anyone’s phone. With all your photos and videos, it contains some super personal details about your life. Besides, the files section might also comprise confidential information that you would prefer to not share with anyone. If you are looking for ways to up the privacy quotient in your phone and hide files, photos, and videos on Android, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will take you through the plethora of ways in which you can hide stuff on your phone without the hassle. So, keep reading ahead.

How to Hide Files, Photos, and Videos on Android

Create a Private Space to Store Confidential Information

There are several apps and options to conceal some stuff from your phone. However, the most comprehensive and foolproof solution is to make a Private Space on your phone. Also known as Second Space on some phones, the Private Space option creates a copy of your OS that opens with a different password. This space will appear like an absolutely new one without any mark of activity. You can then hide files, photos, and videos on your Android phone using this private space.

The steps to create a Private Space differ for phones from various manufacturers. However, the following is a somewhat common route to enable the option for Private Space.

1. Go to the Settings menu on your phone.

2. Click on the Security and Privacy option.

3. Here, you will find the option to create a Private Space or Second Space.

4. When you click on the option, you will be prompted to set a new password.

5. Once you enter the password, you will be transported to a brand new version of your OS.

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Hide Files, Photos, and Videos on Android with Native Tools

While Private Space gives you the freedom to do anything without worries in one section, it can be quite a hassle for some users. This is true especially when you are only looking to hide a few photos from the gallery. If that is the case, then there’s an easier alternative for you. Discussed below are a few native tools for different mobiles using which you can hide files and media.

a) For a Samsung Smartphone

Samsung phones come with an amazing feature called the Secure Folder to keep a bunch of selected files hidden. You just need to sign up in this app and you can get started immediately after. Follow these steps to use this feature.

1. On launching the in-built Secure Folder app, click on the Add Files option in the right corner.

2. Choose from several file types as to which files you want to hide.

3. Select all the files from different locations.

4. Once you have compiled all the files that you wish to hide, then click on the Done button.

b) For a Huawei Smartphone

An option similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder is also available in Huawei’s phones. You can your files and media in the Safe on this phone. The following steps will help you fulfill this.

1. Go to the Settings on your phone.

2. Navigate to the Security and Privacy option.

3. Under Security & Privacy, click on the File Safe option.

Note: If this is your first time opening the app, then you need to enable the Safe. 

4. Once you are inside the Safe, you will find the option to Add Files at the bottom.

5. Select the file type first and start ticking all the files you wish to hide.

6. When you are done, simply tap on the Add button, and you are done.

c) For a Xiaomi Smartphone

The File Manager app in a Xiaomi phone will help in hiding files and folders. Of the many ways to make your confidential data disappear from your phone, this route is the most preferred one. Follow these steps to hide your desired content.

1. Open the File Manager app.

2. Find the files that you wish to hide.

3. On locating these files, you can simply long-press to find the More option.

4. In the More option, you will find the Make Private or Hide button.

5. On pressing this button, you will get a prompt to enter your account password.

With this, the selected files will be hidden. To unhide or access the files again, you can simply open the vault with the password.

Alternatively, Xiaomi phones also come with the option of hiding media inside the gallery app itself. Select all the pictures that you want to hide and club them into a new folder. Long-press on this folder to find the Hide option. On clicking this, the folder will instantly disappear. If you wish to access the folder again, then go to the settings of the gallery by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner. Find the View Hidden Albums option to view the hidden folders and then unhide if you wish.

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d) For an LG Smartphone

The gallery app in an LG phone comes with the tools to hide any photos or videos required. This is somewhat similar to the hide tools available on a Xiaomi phone. Long-press on the photos or videos that you wish to hide. You will get an option to Lock the file. This requires individual selection for different files. Then you can go to the settings in your phone’s gallery and find the Show Locked Files option to view them again.

e) For OnePlus Smartphone

OnePlus phones come with an amazing option called Lockbox to keep your content safe and secure. Follow these easy steps to access the Lockbox and send files in this vault.

1. Open the File Manager app.

2. Find the folder where your desired files are located.

3. Long-press the file(s) that you wish to conceal.

4. On selecting all the files, click on the three dots on the top right corner.

5. This will give you the option to Move to Lockbox.

Hide Media with .nomedia

The above option is suitable for situations wherein you can manually select the files and videos that you wish to hide. In case you wish to hide a large bundle of images and videos, then there is another option through the file transfer to a PC or laptop. It often happens that music and video downloads spam people’s galleries with unrequired images. WhatsApp can also be a hub of spam media. So, you can use the file transfer option to hide all these media in a few easy steps.

1. Connect your mobile to a PC or laptop.

2. Choose the filer transfer option when prompted.

3. Go to the locations/folders where you want to hide the media.

4. Create an empty text file named .nomedia.

This will magically hide all the unnecessary files and media in certain folders on your smartphones. Alternatively, you can use the .nomedia file tactic even without the file transfer option. Simply create this text file in the folder containing files and media you wish to hide. After restarting your phone, you will witness that the folder has disappeared. To see all the hidden files and media, you can simply delete the .nomedia file from the folder.

Hide Individual Photos and Media in a Directory

You can use the above option for hiding a few handpicked photos and videos as well. The steps are almost the same as those for the file transfer method. This option is useful for individuals who don’t wish to take any risk of accidentally spilling their secrets every time they hand over their phone to somebody else.

1. Connect your mobile to a PC or laptop.

2. Choose the filer transfer option when prompted.

3. Click on the DCIM folder once you are inside the phone.

4. Here, make a folder entitled .hidden.

5. Inside this folder, make an empty text file named .nomedia.

6. Now, individually pick all the photos and videos that you wish to hide and put them into this folder.

Use Third-Party Apps to Hide Files

While these are some workarounds that you can use manually, several apps do the job automatically. In the app store for both Android and iOS phones, you will find an endless array of apps designed to hide anything. Be it photos or files or an app itself, these hiding apps are capable of making anything disappear. Listed below are some of the apps you can try to hide your files and media on Android smartphones.

1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

KeepSafe Photo Vault is considered to be among the top privacy apps built as a safety vault for your confidential media. One of its more advanced features is the break-in alert. Through this tool, the app takes pictures of the intruder trying to break into the vault. You can also create a fake PIN wherein the app will open with no data or disguise it all together through the Secret Door option. Even though it is free to download and use, some of its features are available under a Premium subscription.

2. LockMyPix Photo Vault

Another great app for hiding pictures is LockMyPix Photo Vaul t . Built with a formidable security framework, this app uses the military-grade AES encryption standard to protect your data. With its intuitive user interface, it is easy to navigate for hiding your confidential files. Like KeepSafe, this app also comes with a fake login option. Besides, it blocks any user from taking screenshots also. Some of these functionalities are available in the free version while some require a premium subscription.

3. Hide Something

Hide Something is another freemium app for hiding your media files. It has over 5 million downloads that attest to the level of users’ trust it enjoys. The app’s hassle-free interface and navigation are definitely one of the reasons for its popularity. You can choose options for themes to customize the app. Its advanced features include hiding the app from the recently used list to maintain the utmost secrecy. It also backs up all the files you keep in the vault on any selected cloud.

4. File Hide Expert

File Hide Expert app is meant for hiding any files that you wish to keep confidential. After downloading this app from the Play Store, you can simply tap on a Folder button on the top right corner to start hiding files. Choose the locations for your desired files and keep selecting the ones that you wish to hide. This app has a no-nonsense interface that seems quite basic but still does the job with ease.


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With that, we come to the end of this article. We hope this article was helpful and you were able to hide files, photos, and videos on Android. Confidentiality is essential for many smartphone users. You cannot trust just anyone with your phone. More importantly, there is usually some content that you cannot share with anyone at all. Besides, some users wish to keep their files and media secure from some nosey friends around them. The above-mentioned workarounds and apps are perfect for you if you wish to accomplish this end.