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A few days ago, I was scrolling through social media, and I stumbled upon a post with an epic song. I asked myself instantly –“What an amazing music! Which song is this?” It’s not like I had someone to ask about it, so I tried to switch to automatic tools this time. And guess what? I got the name within a few minutes, and I am grooving on it since then. If you’re someone trying to find the name of a specific song and didn’t find what you’re looking for, here is “How To Find The Song Name By Using Lyrics Or Music”.

I am sure that everyone has been in the same situation, including you. You may have had to let go of that epic music because you couldn’t find out the name. But, in this advanced technological world, you can find various applications for pretty much everything. Therefore, to help you, I will be telling you about some of the best music and song discovery applications that can help you identify any music when you input a few seconds of it.

After reading this article, you will not need a constant acquaintance to tell you what song you are listening to. If it sounds interesting to you, let us get started:

How To Find The Song Name By Using Lyrics Or Music

Music Discovery Applications

All the below-mentioned music discovery applications can help you find the song name by using Lyrics or Music and these are considered as the most popular ones. As these apps work on voice recognition and control, you will need to allow the same. You only need to play the song for a few seconds, and these applications give you the most accurate result.

1. Shazam

Shazam, with more than 500 million downloads, is the most popular song discovery application. Every month, it records over 150 million active users worldwide. When you search for a song in this application, it gives you the name and features its own music player with lyrics. A single search gives you a song name, artists, album, year, lyrics, and whatnot.

Shazam has a database of over 13 million songs. When you play a song and record it in Shazam, it runs matchmaking with over every song in the database and gives you the correct result.

You can get Shazam for any device, be it an Android, iOS, or BlackBerry. Shazam can also be installed on PCs and laptops. The application is free for a limited number of searches; it comes with a monthly search limit.

Well, let us now get on with the steps to install and use the Shazam app:

1. First of all, download and install Shazam from Playstore (Android) on your device.

2. Launch the application. You will notice a Shazam button at the centre of the display. You will have to tap that button to start recording and perform a search.

3. You will also see a library logo at the top left, which will take you to all the available songs in the application.

4. Shazam also offers a pop-up feature, which you can activate at any time. This pop-up helps you to use Shazam at any point over any application. You do not need to open the Shazam app every time you want to search for a song.

You also get plenty of custom options in the settings section of the application. However, the settings logo is not present on the homepage, you will need to swipe left, and the settings logo will be visible on the top left.

You can also record the songs in offline mode, and Shazam will check for them as soon as your device gets an internet connection.

2. MusicXMatch 

When you talk about lyrics, the MusicXMatch application is the undisputed king with the largest song lyrics’ database. This app offers the feature to input song lyrics too. This means that when you stumble upon a new song, you have the option to search either by recording a few seconds of the song or by typing a few words of the lyrics in the search bar.

I personally recommend MusicXMatch if you are more into English songs. The database for other languages like Hindi, Spanish, etc. needs to be expanded more. However, if you are a lyrical person, this application is perfect for you. You can find lyrics of pretty much every song here.

It also offers a music player with a karaoke of some songs, volume modulation tool, etc. You can sing along with the synchronising lyrics too.

MusicXMatch is completely free and available for Android, iOS, and Windows. It has been downloaded over 50 million times. The only downside you will feel while using this application is the unavailability of some regional language songs.

You can search for a song by clicking the Identify button on the bottom panel of the application. See the picture below.

In the Identify section, click on the MusicXMatch logo to start recording. You can also connect your music library and other online music platforms to this application.

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3. SoundHound

SoundHound is not far behind Shazam when it comes to popularity and features. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times. I must say that SoundHound has an edge because unlike Shazam, it is completely free. You can download it on any device, be it Android, iOS, or Windows.

The response time of SoundHound is faster than other music discovery applications. It gives you the result with only a few seconds of recorded input. Along with song name, it also comes up with the album, artist, and release year. It also offers lyrics for most of the songs.

SoundHound allows you to share the results with friends too. Like other mentioned applications, this one also has its own music player. However, the downside that I faced was banner ads. As this app is totally free, the developers earn revenue through the ads.

You can start searching for songs as soon as you download the app. It does not require any prior sign in to search for songs. When you launch the application, you can see the SoundHound logo on the homepage.

Just tap the logo and play the song to search. It also has a history tab that keeps the log of all the searches and a lyrics section to search full lyrics of any song you want. However, you will need to log in to save the search log.

Music Discovery Websites

Not only applications but also Music Discovery Websites can help you in finding the song name by using Lyrics or Music and these are considered as the most popular ones.

1. Musipedia: Melody Search Engine

You must have visited the Wikipedia at least once. Well, the Musipedia is based on the same idea. Even you can edit or change the lyrics and other details of any song on the website. Here, you have the power to help other people like you who wish to search for a song or some lyrics. Along with this, there is a lot a play along on this website.

When you visit the website, you will see several options in the head menu bar. Click on the first one, i.e., Music Search. Here you will get to see multiple options to perform your search, like with Flash Piano, with Mouse, with Microphone, etc. This website proves to be a handy tool for people who have their share of musical knowledge. You get to play the melody on the online piano to search too. Isn’t it interesting?

2. AudioTag

The next up on my list is the website This website allows you to perform your search by uploading a music file or pasting the link for it. There is no limit for it, but the uploaded music must be at least 10-15 seconds long. As for upper limit, you can upload the whole song.

AudioTag also gives you the option to explore its music database and access any song. It has a section Today’s music discoveries which keeps the record of the performed searches for the day.


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I have mentioned the five best options available to find any song name by using lyrics or music. Personally, I like the applications more than the websites, as apps come in handier. It is easier and more time saving to use apps instead of the sites.

Well, then, I better leave you now. Go and try out these methods and find your perfect one. Have a harmonious melody searching.